Monday, 1 August 2016

Four Secrets to Good health
1. Eat good quality nutrition
2. Exercise daily
3. Adequate rest - 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep
4. Positive attitude (Positive Association)

Why Nutrition supplements?
When we take supplements we don't do symptomatic treatment. As we are exposed to SRPW (Stress, Radiation, Pollution, Wrong Habits), so our needs are very high which can't come from only food, so nutritional supplements are required. We are eating a lot of food, but under-nourished. 

What is Bio-availability - How much is there for the body to use.
Dietary supplements can be of two types -
- Plant extracts - perceived as food to the body - Bio-availability is 100%
- Synthetically produced i.e. drugs - perceived as foreign bodies - Bio-availability is 40%, so rest can cause side effects.

Why Nutrilite?
- No. 1 in dietary supplement
- 6400 acre of certified organic farm land.
- 600+ patients.
- 1934 - 2014 - 80 years old.
- 200+ scientists.
- Organic manufacturing practises. use their own ground water, lady bugs they use. 
- Voluntarily confirms to FDA (Food and Drug Association of US) standards.

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